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Caroline Lee   Email Caroline

As a mom of a young child whom I wish to have a good experience with church life and God, I’m quite invested in the faith life and the health of our church community.  I am a relatively new church member—which I think provides a different perspective on the experience of coming to church. I believe I started coming to the church back in 2016. I had grown up in the Presbyterian Church and gone to Seminary, but had taken a path away from religion and the church for most of my adult life. I didn’t feel fully a part of the church until Pat Richardson asked me to share why I came to HCC back in 2017 during the stewardship drive. Also, Lucia had gone out of her way to drop by my house with a welcome basket which she left for me since I wasn’t home. Lucia, the activities and community at church for me and Scout, and a return to the importance of my faith, have all brought me to HCC and have kept me here ever since.

Cindy Hale Email Cindy

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Pastor Search Committee! FCCH has been my spiritual home since 1999, and during that time, my life has been enhanced by my involvement in this church. My husband Dave and I have raised our two children here from birth to ages 15 and 19, and the four of us have been greatly blessed by the friendships we have developed with people of all ages in this congregation. Over the years I have served on the Board of Deacons (currently as chair) and the Board of Christian Ed, taught Sunday School, and enjoyed participating in the many activities that make our church so special. I am a longtime UCC member, having been raised in a UCC church in CT. On the Search Committee, I especially look forward to connecting with members and friends of this church to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard, as we work together towards calling our next pastor and ensuring that FCCH continues into the future as a welcoming, caring and vibrant church.

Darryl Calkins Email Darryl

The search for a new leader of our church is one of the most challenging and satisfying tasks within your faith community, but with the responsibility that you are representing the entire congregation in the deliberations for our next pastor.
As a member of the church since 1975 and having served on the Boards of Trustees and Deacons over the years, I have the historical perspective of our congregation as a committee member and as the previous chair of Lucia’s search committee in 2006, I bring the experience of having been through the process of calling a minister.

Daun Smith Email Daun

I applied for the search committee because I want to help find a minister/pastor/leader who can help us sustain the vitality and sense of community of this church.  Hopefully, I bring the ability to listen reflectively and a knowledge of UCC polity.  I became a member in 1984 and since then have served as a deacon, on the pastoral relations board, and on the Board of Christian education. I have taught “Unwrapping our Gifts” and have co-taught Confirmation class.

Dexter Cooper (Chair) Email Dexter

In an age when congregations are shrinking and churches are closing their doors, Lucia has managed to keep the church growing and moving forward. With Lucia deciding that it is time for her to retire, I want to be part of the search for a new pastor who will keep the church moving ahead and growing in its role in the greater Hartland community, who know it as the “Brick Church”, a part of the community as a whole and not just a specific church in the community.

Jon Cone Email Jon

Our family has been associated with the Red Brick Church since its conception.  Because of this, the church holds a very special place in my heart.   Currently, I serve on the Board of Trustees.     It is very important that the Red Brick Church remain a place of worship in our community for generations to come.  The choices we make the next few months go a long way into keeping this House of God strong and vibrant.
I am able to offer a strong business background to the search committee.  During my business career, I have been afforded the opportunity to interview and hire a tremendous amount of talented people.

Maggie Moore Email Maggie

I was introduced to the Hartland UCC by my daughter, Kathleen, who wanted to join the Youth Group with so many of her other school friends. Since becoming a member of this church I have learned more about myself, my faith, and my community. I have seen first-hand the abundant support and kindness poured out in a time of need.  This church, for me, is my lighthouse, forever present and strong welcoming me to sanctuary.

Sue Reilly Email Sue

I was a born and bred Lutheran until moving to Hartland where I found what had been missing in my church experience- a loving community! I am on the search committee to help find a new leader who can pick up where Lucia leaves off, helping to support and maintain this vibrant and loving community. I bring to the committee my experience as a Deacon, Christian Education Board member and Sunday School teacher and a member of the 2006 committee that called Lucia.

Tom Ramsey Email Tom

It is very important to me that the warmth and outreach of this church continue.  My wife Mary Jo and I (raised Catholic) came to this church after trying several others and discovered an all-encompassing sense of family and community. Our son received his Eagle Scout award here. Our daughter and her husband were married here.  Our interim pastor officiated the wedding of our son and his wife.  After we joined this church in 2002, we have truly never looked back. Our faith has been strengthened as a result. I served (very briefly) as a Trustee and enjoy my work on the Stewardship Committee.  I served on the Search Committee for our last interim minister, so I am familiar with the process. I am excited about working with this team and am anxious to get started.